We are 3: The sea, Karine BZH (composer and singer) and Caro(lyrics)



The slap "Chtonk" meets the Punk spirit, it becomes Tchunck, a soft variety, dark sometimes, and colorful.

A group at the water's edge.

What is the TCHUNCK spirit?

We talk about sea, wind, leaves and rocks. We talk about love, ideals, beauty. There is also rage, a revolt torn from the chest, stomach, a body that feels more than its size allows. There is overtaking. From the darkness. Of death.

Basically there is life, with many asperities, nuances and colors.

Release of  a 12 tracks album in 2020, we want it pure, more acoustic. His name : Incertains Fauves (The wild uncertains):)



amplifier and guitar

©2020 par Caroline Morlat